Monday, 22 March 2010

Lobster Shack.

Hello Hello.

New pieces for the exhibition are in the planning stages. Just broke up for easter so decided to take a break from my rat infested house and come to London. Hitting up a few galleries tomorrow, but in regards to my own work im working on a few text based canvas pieces, lymphomite paintings (on a massive scale), a clown series of images, more drawings & getting my books printing (fingers crossed). So yeah, lots to do! Its all good though, just need to do a big essay at the same time (poomplex). ! I shall be posting up some progress images as i go along so keep checking the blog! I really want to do a gaga series of images too...homegirl is doin it big

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

No hate mail please, twilight fans.

I'm ashamed to say i haven't blogged in a while, and this isn't purely down to Glee or Max Branning loosing his son, i swear. Apologies. Truth is i have also been working on a few new pieces, including a few paintings and of course my drawings. Just finished my second sketch book so working on the next then the book can 'get-ta-printin'. The painting is going better than i imagined too, there's something about a canvas that really brings out the lymphomite pieces i think. Also decided to get back on it with the photography, and I'm currently in the planning stages of a 'clown series', which should be down over Easter. Exhibition soon, saw the space today, amazing! But scary how much there is to do. WILD one might say. Enjoy these few pieces...