Monday, 13 September 2010


Things i like. In no particular order.

1. 80's album covers (Japanese versions)

2. Liam Scully

3. Princess Mononoke

4. Manuel, Bear

5. 80's television

6. GaGa

7. Geometric graphic illustrations

8. Saving daily Google designs

9. Duckie, Pretty in Pink

10. Parra

Monday, 6 September 2010


One of my most favourite people ever. Hands down.

Thursday, 2 September 2010


Hello! Today was my day off, and as usual i ended up doing the opposite of what i had planned. Good day though, spent most of it cotching, then went to the doctor for my x-ray results. Kinda sucked because i really wanted to see the actual x-ray of my head, but instead we got 'notes' on the results, which weren't really that helpful. I learned that my jaw is disjointed, that i have very good teeth, a piece of metal in my face (nose ring), and that i have nice nail varnish (totally unrelated compliment from my doctor). So yeah, more x-rays once im back in Leeds. Hella lot of radiation up in my skull!

I also visited the new poundland in my area, poshest pound land i've ever been to. Never seen so many rich folk get excited over cheap things. I found myself going round thinking 'how much is this? there's no prices on anything-...oh wait yeah this is poundland'. SOMETIMES THEY CHARGE YOU MORE THAN A POUND, I SWEAR! I got some cute socks meant for 12 year olds. Then my mate picked me up in her mercedes (pimpin pimpin) and we went out to dinner in town. Bloody lovely.