Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Another day, another obsession. But firstly my thanks goes to Magoo (Tallulah) for introducing me to thee oh sees, i cant stop listening to Dumb Drums. This song is chilling me the hell out. The Hound of foggy notion is also a great album. If i owned a shop, i would definitely play this album all the time (not sure why me having a shop is relevant but a girl can dream/fantasize!).
Anyway, after gaining a friendly link into the doc martens world and learning i can get a mega 75% off of doc martens i have fully immersed myself into it, and spent most of my day deciding what pair(s) i want. (NOTE TO SELF: THIS IS WHY YOUR POOR). I have one pair of doc's already, i love them but they a flipping hard to wear in, and i usually end up with really sore and tired feet by the end of the day. I hafta say though, doc's are the business in the snow. I didn't fall once last winter, i felt so safe!

This time i'm going all out, its between some beautiful patent heel boots (which i most probably hafta buy at some point in life), or the classic docs (two different styles). I need to decide by tonight because my inside man is doing the deal tomorrow, TOO MUCH PRESSURE.

I've decided on these (nearly an hour after i started writing this).

I really hope the patent ones are nice on. I'm just worried i wont get enough wear out of them...ahhh shit. Whatever. Other options were the midnight blue adrian shoe, the cherry red 1461 shoe or the sawyer boot.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Holy mackerel. I am officially the worst decision maker EVER. Not even with important decisions, but with the lamest of decision making, (i.e. which bag shall i buy?). Ive been sitting here for about 2 hours trying to decide between a union jack backpack or a plain black backpack. My sensible side says 'go for the plain black, you'll get more use out it', then my crazy side says 'GO WILD, GET THE UNION JACK, THIS IS ENGLAND!'. So I flipped a coin and got tails which meant to scrap the union jack. But I JUSTCANTDOIT! There's NO way I can justify spending that much money two days after payday, but I want everything!
This is where I came to the conclusion that there is no way that I can live my life being poor. I actually want too much stuff. Working in retail full time for the first time in my life has reaffirmed that retail money is SHIT and NOT WORTH IT for the SHIT money that you get. I mean, it's not bad, but then you take away rent money, phone bills and travel expenses, all your left with one semi-decent night out on the razzle and maybe a kebab. PISSED.

I went to carnival yesterday too and I had such a good time. For a day that started rubbish (pissing it down/kfc cravings/left my travel card at home), it actually ended super good. The day consisted of dancing down ladbroke grove behind soca floats, watching mega straight edge men get attacked/violeted/danced up on by rowdy women, drinking beer, paying random egyptian men money to use their loo, and getting papped by mix mag. Hello! Finished it off with a lovely curry.

I've also become obsessed with a few more things in past few months, one being BOWS (all shapes, sizes and colours) and leopard print (everything!). Usually i'll wear my hair in a bun and put a nice bow on top! Beats my standard messy look.

And with the leopard print, you can never add enough ghetto animal print to an outfit....actually thats a lie (and if the woman who asked me whether leopard print shoes would go with her already leopard print dress is reading this, the answer is that you definitely CAN add TOO MUCH ghetto animal print to an outfit). Check whitney's shoes (aka mine now too).

Well in writing this entry i've decided to scrap the union jack, i'll probably re-consider in a few weeks. Ahh poppycock.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Today was a dark day, mostly a blur. Last night was a good night, mostly spent getting PAPPED BY THE COBRA SNAKE (but whatever, no big deal). Mark the cobra snake guy also told me i had a good look (areyoudumb!), then our (other) mark lilly made friends with laena from The Like. Mark likes the Like. They wore good lace! I recall dancing outside with some flyer guy and coco whilst singing some sorta funky house tune, then got asked out on a date by the poshest guy ever (BIZARRE).

ANYWAY back to reality, tomorrow is a 'To do list day', consisting of applying for all sorts of internships for next year in london and manchester (not sure when im gonna go after graduation yet, its between the two). I also need to amend my proposal, make some phonecalls to good people, go for a jog, and practice music-ing. Yah.

Monday, 23 August 2010


Oh hello, so much for updating this regularly. Oops. Well i've been busy as hell this summer. Working pretty much everyday and bopping around London on my days off, visiting galleries, going out etc etc. It's been pretty good considering I haven't been on holiday, but that's fine because i'm saving myself (and my pennies) for Mexico in december/january with the one and only Tallulah Magoo of course. Bloody brilliant.

Anywhich ive really gotten into the CoBra movement recently, it pretty much sums up where i want to be with my work, especially Karel Appel's Hip, Hip, Hoorah which i recently saw at the tate. Appel creates his own creature too (remember the Lymphomites?). He 'creates hybrid creature, combining human attributes with animal or birdlike features'. Im going to be working a lot with oil paints, layering, scraping and scratching, generally experimenting, still incorporating my beloved distorted figures.

On another note, i've also gotten into cupcakes and nail art. My last attempt and making cupcakes ended with really buttery buttercream, and my last trip to the nail salon resulted in really sore cuticles, but none the less i love them both. There's a cupcake shop just opened up in Topshop Oxford Circus called "Lola's" and it is amazing, and possibly the reason that i'll end up fat by the end of the summer. They make the best cupcakes; oreo, carrot, red velvet, cookies and cream, peanut butter etc! oh man i want to cry just thinking about it. One day i will master the art of cupcakery-ing. Oh and the cakes also come in a really nice and handy box which means they dont get squashed. Candy cakes should take some tips.

WAH nails (of which can also be found in topshop, oxford circus) is the creme de la creme of nail salons. Eyeballs, aztec art,cupcakes, bows, leopard print, YOU NAME IT they will do it. I'm planning a nail session there after pay day. Yup.