Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Hello Hello,

Been working on some new bits since uni started up again. Been looking at the CoBra movement, scully, and all sorts just to build on a new style. Reminiscent of my work last year, had to do a presentation today, brought back some funny memories (i.e. 'ive watched twilight three times and i still feel nothing').
Anywhich, i dont have any images of the oil painting i did, infact im not too sure how i feel about it at the moment. Going back in the studio tomorrow to work on a new piece/ finish the last one up. But not being funny, someone stole my DAY OLD white spirit. That definitely killed my studio spirit, right now im just hating on everyone who might have done it, only cost 1 quid but STILL.
I've also been working on some lymphomite/new graphic illustrations. The new graphic pieces started as sketched ideas for paintings but i decided what would be the harm in doing both . . . .

With the lymphomite piece im hoping to get it printed onto t-shirts (once its all coloured in and shit) so LOOK OUT FOR THOSE COMING SOON!