Friday, 19 November 2010


Hello everyone,
Ive been in london for the past few days, my friend Mister Lego had his first solo exhibition last night at CAMP in old street, 'An animal a day keeps the doctor away'. It turned out great, you should can out his work here 'Eat Pencil'. It was inspiring to see such consistent, interesting and funny pieces, as well as catching up with old faces from Central Saint Martins. In the words of Mister Lego, 'A world take over is possible'. Real Talk. Been working on some new drawings, but on Monday I finished this painting (below). For the first time since starting third year I feel like I've found my direction with this piece, definitely the style I've been aiming for. This style remains consistent in my new drawings too, which will be completed and UP on here by Monday/Tuesday.

Watch this space buddy.