Monday, 30 August 2010

Holy mackerel. I am officially the worst decision maker EVER. Not even with important decisions, but with the lamest of decision making, (i.e. which bag shall i buy?). Ive been sitting here for about 2 hours trying to decide between a union jack backpack or a plain black backpack. My sensible side says 'go for the plain black, you'll get more use out it', then my crazy side says 'GO WILD, GET THE UNION JACK, THIS IS ENGLAND!'. So I flipped a coin and got tails which meant to scrap the union jack. But I JUSTCANTDOIT! There's NO way I can justify spending that much money two days after payday, but I want everything!
This is where I came to the conclusion that there is no way that I can live my life being poor. I actually want too much stuff. Working in retail full time for the first time in my life has reaffirmed that retail money is SHIT and NOT WORTH IT for the SHIT money that you get. I mean, it's not bad, but then you take away rent money, phone bills and travel expenses, all your left with one semi-decent night out on the razzle and maybe a kebab. PISSED.

I went to carnival yesterday too and I had such a good time. For a day that started rubbish (pissing it down/kfc cravings/left my travel card at home), it actually ended super good. The day consisted of dancing down ladbroke grove behind soca floats, watching mega straight edge men get attacked/violeted/danced up on by rowdy women, drinking beer, paying random egyptian men money to use their loo, and getting papped by mix mag. Hello! Finished it off with a lovely curry.

I've also become obsessed with a few more things in past few months, one being BOWS (all shapes, sizes and colours) and leopard print (everything!). Usually i'll wear my hair in a bun and put a nice bow on top! Beats my standard messy look.

And with the leopard print, you can never add enough ghetto animal print to an outfit....actually thats a lie (and if the woman who asked me whether leopard print shoes would go with her already leopard print dress is reading this, the answer is that you definitely CAN add TOO MUCH ghetto animal print to an outfit). Check whitney's shoes (aka mine now too).

Well in writing this entry i've decided to scrap the union jack, i'll probably re-consider in a few weeks. Ahh poppycock.