Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Today was a dark day, mostly a blur. Last night was a good night, mostly spent getting PAPPED BY THE COBRA SNAKE (but whatever, no big deal). Mark the cobra snake guy also told me i had a good look (areyoudumb!), then our (other) mark lilly made friends with laena from The Like. Mark likes the Like. They wore good lace! I recall dancing outside with some flyer guy and coco whilst singing some sorta funky house tune, then got asked out on a date by the poshest guy ever (BIZARRE).

ANYWAY back to reality, tomorrow is a 'To do list day', consisting of applying for all sorts of internships for next year in london and manchester (not sure when im gonna go after graduation yet, its between the two). I also need to amend my proposal, make some phonecalls to good people, go for a jog, and practice music-ing. Yah.