Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Another day, another obsession. But firstly my thanks goes to Magoo (Tallulah) for introducing me to thee oh sees, i cant stop listening to Dumb Drums. This song is chilling me the hell out. The Hound of foggy notion is also a great album. If i owned a shop, i would definitely play this album all the time (not sure why me having a shop is relevant but a girl can dream/fantasize!).
Anyway, after gaining a friendly link into the doc martens world and learning i can get a mega 75% off of doc martens i have fully immersed myself into it, and spent most of my day deciding what pair(s) i want. (NOTE TO SELF: THIS IS WHY YOUR POOR). I have one pair of doc's already, i love them but they a flipping hard to wear in, and i usually end up with really sore and tired feet by the end of the day. I hafta say though, doc's are the business in the snow. I didn't fall once last winter, i felt so safe!

This time i'm going all out, its between some beautiful patent heel boots (which i most probably hafta buy at some point in life), or the classic docs (two different styles). I need to decide by tonight because my inside man is doing the deal tomorrow, TOO MUCH PRESSURE.

I've decided on these (nearly an hour after i started writing this).

I really hope the patent ones are nice on. I'm just worried i wont get enough wear out of them...ahhh shit. Whatever. Other options were the midnight blue adrian shoe, the cherry red 1461 shoe or the sawyer boot.