Monday, 23 August 2010


Oh hello, so much for updating this regularly. Oops. Well i've been busy as hell this summer. Working pretty much everyday and bopping around London on my days off, visiting galleries, going out etc etc. It's been pretty good considering I haven't been on holiday, but that's fine because i'm saving myself (and my pennies) for Mexico in december/january with the one and only Tallulah Magoo of course. Bloody brilliant.

Anywhich ive really gotten into the CoBra movement recently, it pretty much sums up where i want to be with my work, especially Karel Appel's Hip, Hip, Hoorah which i recently saw at the tate. Appel creates his own creature too (remember the Lymphomites?). He 'creates hybrid creature, combining human attributes with animal or birdlike features'. Im going to be working a lot with oil paints, layering, scraping and scratching, generally experimenting, still incorporating my beloved distorted figures.

On another note, i've also gotten into cupcakes and nail art. My last attempt and making cupcakes ended with really buttery buttercream, and my last trip to the nail salon resulted in really sore cuticles, but none the less i love them both. There's a cupcake shop just opened up in Topshop Oxford Circus called "Lola's" and it is amazing, and possibly the reason that i'll end up fat by the end of the summer. They make the best cupcakes; oreo, carrot, red velvet, cookies and cream, peanut butter etc! oh man i want to cry just thinking about it. One day i will master the art of cupcakery-ing. Oh and the cakes also come in a really nice and handy box which means they dont get squashed. Candy cakes should take some tips.

WAH nails (of which can also be found in topshop, oxford circus) is the creme de la creme of nail salons. Eyeballs, aztec art,cupcakes, bows, leopard print, YOU NAME IT they will do it. I'm planning a nail session there after pay day. Yup.