Thursday, 14 January 2010

Frosties for Dinner

I just ate a large pizza as part of the Domino's 'Any pizza any size' deal, which has done me well over the past few weeks. Now im on my Frosties cereal dessert, as its the sweetest thing i could think of eating next. On another note, i may have had one of the most tiring days ever today. Was up pretty late editing some images, then had an 8am start running on about 5 hours sleep. Dark. It was real productive though, i got five A2 images printed for £2 each at a top secret location! And managed to sort out all my work as i had a MYR (sounds like some serious medical procedure). MYR, stands for Mid Year Review and is basically when my tutor goes over my work with me and we discuss future plans and ideas. It went pretty well, i enjoyed seeing my work displayed as opposed to on a computer screen or in my disheveled drawing book. Spent bloody ages framing my illustrations, frames just make everything look good. In saying this, my next plan is to make a book of all my illustrations from throughout the year. I've got to think of some quirky (or lame) name for it like 'Poppycock' or 'Saggy boobs' or something.

Anyway, my flatmate coco let me borrow her David Shrigley book, which humored me till the early hours while i battled on with understanding photoshop. Shrigley is most definitely an inspiration, and has made me want to draw a shit load of illustrations over the next few weeks for my fore-coming book 'Poppycock, Saggy boobs' (decided). In the meantime, here's a selection of images from my MYR set up; the frame hanging isn't how i envisaged it but my inability to use a hammer is to blame for this. Time to get back to my Cereal Dessert.