Wednesday, 13 January 2010

She didnt have this Thyroid problem when i married her.

At my work we have lots of art pieces all over the place. Local artists apply and most of the time their work gets exhibited in the store, which is cool for them and pretty sweet for us staff too because it means that the monotonous fitting room routine becomes that bit more interesting when you have a drawing to look at. My favorite pieces by far, located in the fitting room ladies, is by leeds based artist Elle Teague. Elle Teague takes inspiration from everyday life, creatures, conversations, nature, and applies them to her illustrations. What i like about these is that they show Teague's humerous take of life, and actually made me literally 'laugh out loud' when i saw them. Thats what you want from art, thats what i want anyway. I dont get why it has to be so serious, with the concepts and theories. As Nietzsche said, Concepts and Forms take us further away from the truth, and truth can only be found in the freedom of imagination. History of art rant over, here's some Elle Teague for your viewing pleasure.