Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I Eat Yoghurt with a Hot Spoon.

I love London, because it means i can come home and get the best sushi ever for one pound and fifty pence! Amazing. Not only that, but the tube can take me anywhere i want, and we have a fully stocked fridge at home. Therefore tomorrow i plan on stocking up on sushi, getting a one day travel card, visiting a load of galleries, buying a sketch book & starting my latest series of drawings. How-ex-citing. One artist that i've been looking at load recently is Liam Scully. I first saw the works of scully when i went to my friend Bip Lings house to dress her up as a red indian, and i saw scully's work around her house. I remembered them since then, but only now with my current style of work am i really into Scully...Here's a few of his pieces that i love.

Oh and keep looking out for my new drawings, which should be up by friday!