Monday, 25 January 2010


So i ventured down to London last week for some much needed 'home-time'. It was so good to watch Jeremy Kyle and eat cheap sushi in a warm house. On thursday night i went with Emma & Jamie to YOYO in notting hill which brought back some old memories of London back in the good days. Also ran into 'one' too many a familiar face, i stress the world 'one'. Emma will know what i mean, no one cares about the naked ladies in your flat. Anyway, London was fun and inspiring as always. I planned to have had some decent drawings by now but as usual nothing goes to plan, i WILL have some good ones by the end of this week. I'm all over semester 2 of second year, totally feeling the positive vibes. An estate agent said he liked how i 'worked on vibes'. Damn Straight. Speaking of estates, my future roomies and i got ourselves a beautiful apartment today. Bloody Brilliant!

Here's a few of my favourites from london, 'Legs, Legs, Torso'. Drawings coming soon.