Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Hello Elvis

So seeing as i always come across so much that i want to blog about, i decided i would start a blog. I had one before ( and that was a lot of fun, so why not find the fun once more aye? I've been working on some illustrations today and ended up looking back at some of my old stuff too. So here's a bit of my older work, and a few newbies. . .

The 'Lymphomite series' is based on fictional characters i made up called Lymphomites that were transformed from humans after a toxic waste spillage took place in a fictional town called Springsville. The toxic waste spillage caused the humans to metamorph to these long limbed, deformed creatures; loosing all human attributes along the way, including the ability to speak in coherent sentences. The only human trait that remained was the ability for each lymphomite to say their individual 'lymphomite motto', in repetition. I began drawing these while studying for a history of art exam last christmas, during which i lost the will to live and decided to do something more productive with my time. There really isn't a meaning to the Lymphomite series, i just wanted an output for the random images i think up, and the funny things i've heard make up the Lympho-slogans.